Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete? (Solved)

Golf shoes grip the grass great, but what about walking on regular ground?

Can you wear your golf shoes from the car to the clubhouse?

It’s best to avoid wearing golf shoes on concrete. The concrete can damage the spikes in your shoes, and the spikes can damage the concrete.

And there are a few more reasons.

In this post, I’ll go over why you cannot wear golf shoes on concrete, and show you what you can do instead.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete.

Here’s why wearing golf shoes on concrete is not a good idea:

#1 Damage To The Spikes/Cleats

Golf shoes are specially made with spikes or cleats on the soles to give you traction and stability on grass and other soft surfaces found on golf courses.

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However, these spikes don’t do well on concrete.

When you step on concrete, those spikes can get dull, bend, or even break off.

This doesn’t just make your shoes less effective; it also means they’ll wear out much faster.

The metal spikes are especially vulnerable to this.

#2 Reduced Traction

Now, let’s consider traction. Concrete will reduce its grip and traction.

Concrete is smooth and hard, which is pretty much the opposite of what your golf shoes are designed for.

When you walk on concrete in your golf shoes, you might feel like you’re walking on ice.

There’s a real risk of slipping and falling, which could lead to some nasty injuries. I’m talking sprains, fractures, or even hitting your head.

Plus, if you’re trying to practice your swing on concrete, good luck!

You’ll likely struggle to keep your balance and transfer your weight properly.

#3 Accelerated Wear And Tear On The Soles

Remember how we talked about the spikes getting damaged? Well, the soles of your shoes don’t fare much better on concrete.

The hard surface wears them down quickly, especially if they’re made of softer materials like rubber or foam.

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As the soles wear down, they get thin and smooth – so even less traction and stability.

You might start to feel uncomfortable wearing them, and your feet could get tired more quickly. It’s like the cushioning is slowly disappearing, leaving you with uncomfortable shoes.

#4 Damage To The Concrete

While it might not be obvious, walking on concrete with spiked golf shoes can actually damage the surface over time.

Those spikes can leave little scratches on the surface.

Over time, these scratches can weaken the concrete, potentially creating safety hazards. Water can also collect in these scratches, leading to more damage down the line.

So not only are you hurting your shoes, but you might also be causing problems for the concrete surface you’re walking on.

What You Can Do Instead

The best thing you can do is carry your golf shoes with you and only put them on when you’re ready to play – and that’s what most golfers do.

They wear sneakers or running shoes when they’re walking on concrete around the course.

It’s like bringing your swimsuit to the pool – you don’t wear it on the way there, right?


These shoes are made for hard surfaces, so they’ll give you good grip and keep you safe from slips and falls.

Plus, you’re not wearing out your golf shoes before you even start playing.

It’s a win-win situation.

Can You Wear Spikeless Golf Shoes On Concrete?

Now, let’s talk about spikeless golf shoes – ones with rubber or plastic nubs instead of spikes.

They’re a bit more forgiving on concrete, so you might be able to wear them for short periods without causing too much damage.

But here’s the thing – they’re still golf shoes, not concrete shoes.

Even though they’re better than spiked shoes on hard surfaces, you should still be careful.

The soles can wear down over time, and you might lose some of that important traction.

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Think of it like wearing your house slippers outside – they might be okay for a quick trip, but they’re not made for long walks on hard surfaces.

Bottom Line

It might seem convenient to just wear your golf shoes on concrete, but it’s not a great idea in the long run. You could end up damaging your shoes and even the concrete surface.

Plus, there’s the risk of slipping or falling.

The smart move is to carry your golf shoes and change into them when you’re ready to play.

Yes, it’s an extra step, but it’s worth it


Can You Wear Golf Shoes Casually?

It depends on the type of shoe. Spiked shoes are a no-go for casual wear. Those spikes are meant for digging into grass, not strutting down the sidewalk. 

However, spikeless golf shoes are a different story.

Can You Wear Spiked Golf Shoes On The Green?

Yes, you can wear spiked golf shoes on the green. They offer good grip, especially in wet conditions. However, always check the rules at your golf course.

Some places might prefer spikeless shoes to minimize damage to the putting surface.

Do You Wear Golf Shoes To The Course

It’s a common practice to wear comfortable walking shoes or sneakers to the golf course and change into your golf shoes once you’re ready to play. 

This helps you to protect your golf shoes from unnecessary wear and tear on concrete surfaces like parking lots and walkways.

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