50 Golf License Plate Ideas (The Coolest)

If you eat, sleep, and breathe golf, why not take your passion for the sport to the streets with a personalized golf-themed license plate? 

A creative and witty plate is a fun way to showcase your love of the game!

In this post, I’ll share 50 golf license plate ideas that suit every golfer. 

Wordplay And Puns

Using wordplay and puns is a sure way to make your golf license plate stand out.

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These plates often have smart twists on golf-related words or phrases, making them funny and easily recognizable to those familiar with the game.

Here are some ideas:

  • PURZERO (Par Zero)
  • BOGYFRE (Bogey Free)
  • DRIVN4SHO (Driving for Show)
  • BRDIHUNT (Birdie Hunt)
  • STRYK4PR (Strike for Par)
  • FREGOLF (Free Golf)
  • SWNGFLT (Swing Fault)
  • FREGRNZ (Free Greens)
  • LONGBOLL (Long Ball)
  • CHPNPUT (Chip and Putt)

Terminology And Lingo

If you prefer a more subtle reference to golf, you could use terminology and lingo from the sport into your license plate.

These may not be obvious to non-golfers, but anyone familiar with golf will instantly understand.

Here are some ideas:

  • ALBATRS (Albatross)
  • SNDTRAP (Sand Trap)
  • DBLBOGY (Double Bogey)
  • THREEPUT (Three Putt)
  • DRIVGRUN (Driving Range)
  • LINKSLVR (Links Lover)
  • SHOTMKR (Shot Maker)
  • DOGNLEG (Dog Leg)
  • FWYWSTR (Fairway Waster)
  • SWINKEY (Swing Key)

Favorite Golf Courses Or Destinations

For golfers who have a special connection to a course or destination, using that location as the basis for a license plate can hold a lot of meaning.

These plates can serve as reminders of cherished golf memories or bucket-list courses you dream of playing.

Here are some ideas:

  • PBLBCH (Pebble Beach)
  • BNHLS (Bandon Dunes)
  • AUGMSTR (Augusta Masters)
  • STNDRWS (St. Andrews)
  • TPCSOTN (TPC Sawgrass)
  • TRVLNMN (Travelin’ Man)
  • PININGS (Pinehurst)
  • CSTLPNS (Castle Pines)
  • CRSCRCK (Corse Creek)
  • KIAWAH (Kiawah Island)

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Achievements Or Milestones

If you have accomplished a huge golf achievement or milestone, why not commemorate it with a personalized vanity license plate?


It can be a source of pride and start conversations whenever you meet fellow golfers.

Here are some ideas:

  • HOLEIN1 (Hole in One)
  • SCR4BRD (Score for the Board)
  • CLBCHMP (Club Champion)
  • TOURWIN (Tournament Win)
  • SCRTPAR (Scored Par)
  • AMTRCUP (Amateur Cup)
  • LOWHNDCP (Low Handicap)
  • ALNBAIL (Allen Bail – Famous Shot)
  • SINGDIGT (Single Digit Handicap)
  • BSTSCOR (Best Score)

Humorous And Quirky Ideas

Of course, not all golf license plates need to be serious or accomplishment-based.

Sometimes, a little humor and quirkiness can make your plate really stand out.

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Here are some funny golf license plate ideas:

  • DRVROFF (Driver Off Course)
  • WDSHANK (Wood Shank)
  • SLCEWGT (Slice Weight)
  • CHUNKIT (Chunk It)
  • DIVINIT (Divot in It)
  • FATLADY (Fat Lady – Mishit)
  • WATERBLL (Water Ball)
  • TRETRBL (Tree Trouble)
  • WHFFDDIT (Whiffed It)
  • STICKIT (Stick It Close)

Tips For Creating A Great Golf License Plate 

Now that you’ve got plenty of ideas to work with, here are a few tips to help you create the perfect golf-themed license plate:

  • Before deciding on a plate, make sure it’s available in your state or region.
  • Most states limit the number of characters allowed on personalized plates
  • Read all rules or regulations regarding personalized plates in your area, such as prohibited words or character combinations.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative with your plate design.
  • Have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to get a little playful or unconventional.

If a plate you like so much is taken, you could substitute a letter to a number (aka Leet). You can find ideas for all the letters here.

Wrapping Up

Whether you go for a clever pun, a nod to your favorite course, or a humorous take on the game’s quirks, a golf-themed license plate is a fun way to express your passion for the sport.

I hope this post has given you plenty of inspiration to create the perfect golf license plate.

And who knows? Your unique plate might just spark a friendly conversation or two the next time you’re out on the course.

So, feel free to share your own golf license plate ideas in the comments below!

We’d love to hear the creative plates you’ve come up with or spotted out there.

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